M Div

Master of Divinity (M Div)

The program leading to the degree of Master of Divinity (M.Div) comprises two to three years of intensive study. The curriculum is designed to include an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to study and prepares graduates for effective ministry in an urban setting or in training related activities.

Requirement for Admission

1. A pass in B.Th degree or equivalent in first or second class with at least one year of ministerial experience. The B.Th degree should be from recognized institution accredited by ATA or similar accrediting agencies. The candidates will have to pass an entrance examination in Bible Knowledge and English. Special consideration is given to mature candidates, with proven ministry experience.

2. A Bachelor’s Degree (B.A or equivalent degree) with first or second class and at least two years in ministry either in a church or mission organization or experience of active involvement in his/her local church. The candidates will have to pass an entrance examination in Bible Knowledge and English.

Requirement for Graduation

1.A minimum of 40% marks in each subject and an average of 50% when all the courses are taken into account.

2.Three copies of Thesis of not less than 12,000 words must be submitted to the office of the Dean/Secretary of   Academic Affairs on or before November 30 of the final year.

3.Successful completion of practical ministry internship for one semester.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer applications are welcome at New India.  Transfer of some credits is allowed towards the B. Th. and M. Div degrees from recognized theological institutions and is normally limited to elective credit, though in some cases, credits may be transferred for required courses.  A maximum of sixty - (60) credit hours from recognized institutions are transferable. 

For the B.Th degree, a maximum of sixty (60) credit hours may be transferred. Not more than thirty (30) hours of credit may be transferred for the M Div degree.

*Consult the Dean of Academics for further information.

Thesis Requirements

Master of Divinity students must submit a thesis in 10000 to 12000 words on a topic formally approved by the academic committee. Details on the procedures and deadlines for the thesis subject proposal, methodology, first and final drafts and oral defense will be informed by the committee. By two circumstances student may be exempted from writing thesis: inadequate academic capacity to pursue research or student’s own choice for optional subjects. Office of the Dean of Academics will decide on this. 

Practical Ministry/Internship

All students at NIBS are required to engage in weekend ministry as chosen by the student and approved by the seminary. In addition, students must do supervised practical ministry in one or more chosen fields for a minimum of one semester (or two summers) before they will be awarded degrees/diplomas.

At a glance

  • Born in 1975
  • A Project of NIEA
  • Founded by Dr. Abraham Philip
  • Dr. Alex Philip serves as the Director, NIEA
  • Dr. Jaison Thomas serves as the Principal, NIBS
  • Accredited by ATA
  • Offers Dip.Th, B.Th, M.Div and M.Th

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations"

+ Academic Excellence

+ Spiritual Vibrancy

+ Ministry Oppurtunities

+ Mission Emphasis