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News & Views

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis:

New India Bible Seminary, Kerala


Boy's Hostel has been continuing as Covid First Line Treatment Centre in full capacity.


Students Stranded, utilizing their time to serve the community by stitching masks for free distribution for the villagers.


Community Kitchen

Providing Food and Supplies for Local Villagers and Migrant workers through community kitchen.


NIBS - New Online Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting long periods of lockdown proved to be the catalyst that helped NIBS to cross the bridge over into the sphere of online education. The faculty has decided to run the first term (June – August) in Emergency Remote Blended Mode (ERBL). This steep learning curve provided us with the unique opportunity to fast-track our online initiative. With the development of the 'NIEA-TE online platform, education became

more concrete as a strategic goal for NIBS. As the pandemic continues, we have opted to continue the online mode through this academic year. Currently, NIBS is offering continuing education on-site, online, and in the hybrid format. 30 courses are being taught online in the current term with an enrolment of 170 participants. Despite the challenges of connectivity and access to digital devices, about 85% of students returned to online education and 50 new students joined in from across India and other south Asian countries. Please pray with us as we tread this 'new path’ by faith and prayer.


"Equipping God's people to impact God's Word"

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations"

+ Academic Excellence

+ Spiritual Vibrancy

+ Ministry Oppurtunities

+ Mission Emphasis